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This is the original center located in the sacred area of Pipestone, MN. It is run and owned by Chuck Derby who is Gloria's life partner. Chuck is a Dakota elder who was born in Pipestone and has resided there since.

On this site you will find a lot of information about the Catlinite stone used to crafts the sacred Pipes, the quarrying of the stone and lots more

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This is a new Centre run by Gloria Hazell, in England. It will tell the story of Pipestone and the Pipe as well as the history of the Standing Stones of Avebury and will also give information on Crop Circles that appear in the Wiltshire area.

For now this Centre is virtual but plans are underway to obtain a building in Avebury, the village of the Neolithic stones.

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NEW: Tribute to Miracle from Gloria

NEW: The Pipestone Quarries - The true story
This is in response to the Bill 1851C that is on line at the moment, and the petition that is also on there.

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